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Perth Solar Direct — A new was to look at Solar

Perth Solar Direct is making solar even more available to residential and commercial owner. Re branded in 2019 Perth Solar Direct got its roots 4 years earlier as the ‘new kid’ on the block. Looking for a better way to deliver and install solar panels for clients, Perth Solar Direct started to deal directly with Wholesalers. This allowed the company to achieve the same quality installs, offer the same warranty and product range as all the larger companies in Perth at the time.

This lowered the price point dramatically for the average consumer. Making it even easier to get residential solar panels installed on your home or commercial solar panels on your business, shone the spotlight on Perth Solar Direct and they are becoming the fastest growing solar panel company in Perth, WA. They continue to offer high quality installs on residential homes but have made serious headway in the commercial field doing large complicated installations on apartment complex and commercial building all over Perth.

A recent partnership between themselves and Next Power allowed them to take an even bigger slice of the commercial solar industry. Next Power (who have won awards for solar installations on Perth Arena) have offered their own commercial solar expertise and products to Perth Solar Direct allowing more businesses access to high quality products that would often be out of reach.

Perth Solar Direct can be contacted on 1300 477 172 or through their website

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